THH Opening Meet

Grosvenor on Zuco, Nicolette on Royal Z and Rosemarie on Silver Trophy

Grosvenor and Rosemarie Merle-Smith have been producing quality mounts for over 30 years.  They have been joined by their daughter, Nicolette, in offering a program in training horses suited for the junior and amateur rider by having good temperaments, are easily trained and have a high ability for acheivement.

While producing horses primarily for foxhunting, the Merle-Smiths' training program includes the basics that will help the horse excell in eventing, hunters, jumpers, dressage and just plain riding.  

Our field hunters have hunted or are currently are hunting with of many of the major clubs in the U.S. including:  

Aiken Hounds,  Amwell Valley,  Andrews Bridge,  Arapahoe,  Belle Meade,   Bijou Springs,  Blue Ridge,  Bull Run,  Casanova,  De la brooke,  Deep Run,  Doc Addis,  Elkridge Harford,  Fairfax,  Farmington,  Grand Canyon, Goshen,  Green Creek,  Green Spring Valley,  Howard County,  Keswick,  Kimberton,  Long Run,    Loudoun West,  Middlebrook,   Middleburg,  Misty Morning,   Moore County,  New Market/MiddletonValley,  Mr. Stewart's Cheshire Foxhounds,  Norfolk,  Oak Ridge,  Orange County,  Piedmont,  Princess Anne,  Radnor,  Rappahannock,  Red Mountain,  Reedy Creek,  Rockbridge, Rose Tree,  Sewickly,  Shakerag,  Snickersville, Stonewall,  Tennessee Valley, Warrenton,  Wayne-Dupage,  Why Worry and Woodford.

They also have horses showing in the A-rated hunters, jumpers and eventing. Go to Graduates for more details.

Grosvenor whipped-in to first to George Beeman of the Arapahoe Hunt and later after George retired, to Dr. Marvin Beeman, MFH, the past president of the MFHA. He whipped in to Andrew Barclay of Green Spring Valley Hunt Club and was the kennel huntsman to Jake Carle, MFH of the Keswick Hunt. He was Master the Golden Vale Hunt in Ireland for 12 seasons from 1994 through 2006 and concurrently was the MFH and Huntsman for six seasons (1995 - 2001) with the Bull Run Hunt in Central Virginia.

Grosvenor is the amateur huntsman, while both he and Rosemarie are joint Masters at the Tennessee Valley Hunt .

Rosemarie has shown and trained A-rated hunters and jumpers, dressage to 2nd level and evented Preliminary. She has hunted as a member of the Arapahoe Hunt in CO, Keswick Hunt in VA, Golden Vale Hunt and Tipparary Foxhounds in Ireland. She is currently a Joint-Master at Tennessee Valley with Grosvenor and a member of Thornton Hill Hounds in Virginia.

Nicolette Merle-Smith of Merle-Smith Eventing

Nicolette was a student and member of the riding team at Goucher College in Baltimore, MD, 2005 - 2007. She started hunting seriously when she was 8 and like her parents has hunted all over the world. When she was a student at Foxcroft School in Middleburg, she trained with Craig Thompson, Jan Byyny and later on Bonnie Mosser and Marcia Carabell. She has taken some time off from college to persue her riding career and currently trains with her mother, Rosemarie, Jean Dunford, Mike Sharp and several Olympic medalists.

Nicolette is competing at the FEI level. She has trained and competed the following eventers/jumpers: 

 Silver Trophy (CCI*), M-S Reddy Fox (Preliminary), M-S Royal Z (Training), M-S Royal Red (Beg. Novice), Dr. Phil (Novice).

She has numerous young horses in training that she will be competing in 2011: Chaucer (Holsteiner).  Ganimede (Conn/TB), Cappuccino Ice (Holsteiner),  Co-Pilot (TB) and Ratatouille (Trakehner), Harpagos(TB) and Assemble(TB).

Trophy at the Fork

Nicolette and Silver Trophy at the Fork H.T. in the Preliminary division.

Middleburg Hunt

Son Alexander, a sophomore at Virginia Tech, hunted through the age of 11 at which point he decided he hated horses. He still can clean a mean stall if paid to do so!